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    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.


The other day, Nate and I accompanied Jake, Kate and the kids to the PBR International Championship Rodeo. I’ve never seen anything like it. There were SO many people there, and the main event [bullriding] was actually just a bonus to all the other fun things going on, pyrotechnics being my favorite. Nate snuck down into the press box to get some amazing shots. This is my favorite sequence:
This cowboy gets a horn to the face. Good thing he was wearing a helmet since the majority of the riders weren’t. One such cowboy, after receiving a high score smiled up at the camera and I was shocked to find only ONE tooth in that victorious grin.
That’s a lot of bull spit.
This rodeo clown got pretty lucky sinces the legs of this bull’s buck went on either side of him. However, I’m sure the view and the smell were less than favorable, though probably preferable.
*See more amazing rodeo shots on Nate’s website! He has some phenomenal pics!

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Buckley - Nate, You could make quite the impressive expert Rodeo photographer (if there is such a thing…) I am always quite impressed with your incredible talent. All of your pictures are breathtaking and bring you right into the action. Keep it up.


jeny - espero te llegue porque apenas estoy aprendiendo a usar esta cosa llamada internet

jeny costarica - hola! Luisa soy Jenny de costa Rica te escribo para que sepas que ya tengo correo y es esta es porque aunque no lo creas tengo 15 dias de estar trabajando y vieras las ganas de verlos que tengo a toda la familia pero mas a ud y a Shanon digale que yo le voy a escribir en espaƱol y que ella busque quien se lo pueda traducir

Mandy - GREAT shots Nate!

Ken & Jen - OUCH!!!

Nate: Wasn’t it you that lamented that your life was boring because you weren’t born a cowboy?

Fun to see more of your AMAZING rodeo photos! After I am done marveling over the photos themselves, I get a chuckle, thinking of you in the press box. There really is a little cowboy in you, isn’t there!


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