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    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.

New Scooter!!

Look at my sexy new ride!!

When Nate and I moved to the Boise area and I started looking for work, we quickly realized that we wouldn’t be able to get along with just one car as we had in the past. We considered getting a second car, but that was unrealistic. We found our solution on two wheels instead of four!

Meet my ’07 Roketa MS Aruba 150 CC Scooter!


It caps at about 55-60 mph but it gets 70-80 miles to the gallon. This is the PERFECT summer-mobile. Nate doesn’t like to ride it as much as I do. He claims the helmet messes up his hair. Ha! What does he know about messed up hair?

Don’t worry ALL! Unless I’m within a 2 mile radius of my house… I always wear a helmet. I have some videos, but the internet has been acting strangely. I’ll post those when I can!

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Belinda - Nice Ride Luisa, very sexy? Where was that bike when I visited? Paris has a scooter as well. It is great on milage isn't it! But be careful going around corners when there is loose gravel. Paris layed it down one time! Not very fun! He was ok though. He wasn't going very fast.

Bree - haha–I was totally thinking the same thing as Kate–love that you're sporting heels while you ride your scooter! Lookin good!:)

The Perkes Family - Your the only women I know that could pull off riding a scooter in heels!

P.S. Where's your helmet… (thats what Jake would say) =)

Ken and Jen Perkes - Wowzers! Does Batman know you have his scooter?



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