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    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.

Happy 4th of July!!

We had such a blast on the 4th of July. Literally, it was the perfect summer day. I would have been the perfect day overall, if Nate didn’t have to shoot a wedding that day. With the rest of the fam, Jace and I went to Roaring Springs, the local water park. We had SO MUCH FUN! All summer I’ve been dying for that chance to sit in the sun and soak up the rays, and that was my day. I lathered Jace in enough 75 SPF sunscreen to allow him a trip to sun’s surface and back. I got a snow cone reminiscent of the ones Nate and I had in Hawaii, that were roughly the size of Jace’s head. After we pooped ourselves out, we headed home and showered up. We headed up to Jake and Kate’s for a BBQ, and we roasted hot dogs over an open fire. We had chips and mango salsa, greek pasta salad, watermelon…. MMMMMMmmmmmm, it was amazing. And THEN!! Let the show begin. Between the two of our families, we had purchased… WAY TOO MANY EXPLOSIVES. I found myself totally wrapped up in the fun of it all!!! That childish part of me that likes to set things on fire and watch them explode apparently has just lay dormant the past couple of years, and only that day had reared its ugly head. It was such an adrenaline rush to light a wick to one of the BIG mortars and then make a dash away to safety. We had so much fun!! Jace was not a fan of the very first firework, but after that, he seemed to enjoy the show, just like the rest of us! I’m not sure who thought up the genius idea of lighting metal sticks on fire and then handing them to small children to twirl around. Sparklers are a mystery to me, but we didn’t have ANY injuries!! Therefore…. it was a completely successful 4th of July!!undefinedundefined

What a beautiful country we live in. I’m amazed at the freedoms that we enjoy that many parts of this world do not enjoy. It is a blessed nation… so Happy Birthday, America. We love you!

Annual Perkes Family Reunion…

… The Denver Series!! Last year we hosted the Annual Perkes Family Reunion here in Idaho. We spent a day down here in Boise but mostly we were up in McCall. Nate and I arrived a day early to Denver in order to photograph Nate’s oldest brother, Josh and his BEAUTIFUL family. They had chosen a downtown park as a fantastic location.

undefinedCousin Love: There is no way that Jace could complain about feeling ignored or lonely during the reunion. His cousins just loved on him the entire time with lots of hugs and kisses [and the occassional headbutt.. ooops! ; ) ]undefinedThe only thing better than being together, is being together all playing separate electronic devices. The Daddy’s of these giga-nerds weren’t very good examples. Nate and his brothers spent any moment they could playing some golf game against each other on their phones. undefinedThe first couple of days were our water activities! The first day we went to the community pool and the next day, we spent the entire time at Water World… the largest water park in the entire US!!! undefinedHave you seen ‘Finding Nemo’? Every time I see these pictures I think: ‘Shark Bait…  Ooh Ha ha.’undefined

Here is Nate and Max on one of the Water Park Rides. I thought that sled looked a little too small for two grown men over 6′ tall.

undefinedundefinedOur brother Buck let Nate use his underwater camera and Nate LOVED it. These couple of pictures are only a small selection of the dozens of pictures that Nate took. undefinedHe has a great underwater smile…undefinedI present, a previously undiscovered species: The Cross-Eyed Platypus…
undefinedHello Handsome!undefinedWhile the girls got to leave the kidlets with the Daddy’s to head to the spa, the boys took the kids to the park to play some football! undefined

After us girls returned home, we sent the boys out to play laser tag, which they did… but they also made an extra stop on the way home. It still trips me up just looking at it. Haha!! And wait a minute! Were they mocking us?

Mom & Dad go ALL out with their plans and preparations to show the kids a GREAT time. Making memories, having fun, winning prizes, learning lessons, sharing, team work, creativity, laughing A LOT and expending ALL energy is an accurate description of a typical activity with the Perkes. We had SO MUCH FUN, adults and children alike, during our own homemade RODEO!!undefinedundefinedWe had a shoot out with water guns…undefinedundefinedundefined… we raced delivering mail on the Pony Express… we locked up a bunch of bandits in jail… we lassoed some heifers… and we collected some piglet tails [my personal favorite].undefinedundefinedThe day after that, as if we hadn’t had enough fun already, we went to the ‘Garden of the Gods’ National Park to have the Kids Annual Scavenger Hunt. It was the favorite event of last years reunion.undefinedThe park was GORGEOUS! The sandstone and limestone formations were beautiful and majestic. Numerous times we felt like we had transported back to some ‘Land Before Time’ movie set. undefinedHere are some of the kidlets deciphering one of the clues…undefinedundefinedAs you can tell by the head gear, a ‘PIT OF SNAKES’ was one of the dangers encountered by the children on their quest…undefinedI wonder if the kids knew about the creature spying on them… ; )
undefinedundefinedThis is Jack-Jack, our newest nephew. He is the closest in age to Jace and is an absolute delight! He is super friendly, speaks sign language and is beloved by the whole family. He is a doll. undefinedWhat a stud my hubby is… ; )undefinedHere is Natey after a long day at the park. Guaranteed EVERYONE felt the same way. Beside him was one of the prizes: ‘A DINOSAUR EGG!’undefinedBelieve it or not, we had plans for that evening as well: THE DENVER ROCKIES GAME! I would never watch baseball on TV and have no real interest in the series… BUT THE GAMES IN REAL LIFE?!?! They are so much fun. Unfortunately, we had to park about 6-7 blocks away from the stadium. After a day of hiking through the Garden of the Gods, and being accompanied by our darling, newly-pregnant sister, Jeralyn [YAYYY!!!] we decided to commandeer the services of Ronald, a local chariot driver:

The atmosphere, the food, the entertainment, the music. It was all intoxicating, although some might have disagreed. Here are some Instagram pictures that Nate took at the game:undefinedOf course, we had to get Ball Park hot dogs…. aaannnnndddd funnel cake, peanuts, Red Vine licorice, fresh squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, slushies, and soft serve ice cream. Ahem… we weren’t hungry or anything.undefinedJace wasn’t hungry either…undefinedundefinedAs if we hadn’t had enough fun already, Nate and I decided to go Indoor Sky Diving on our last day. It was one of our favorite past times when we lived in Denver. It is THE closest to flying that you will EVER feel, as opposed to real sky diving where you are just falling. Nate is SOO good at it. He’s mastered all the spins, and the ability to move forward and backwards, up and down with no problems. undefined

Here is Nate during his first flight. I, however, got in trouble for having the phone in the tunnel with us, and so Nate couldn’t record me… Stink.

The last day of the reunion, we wanted to take a big family picture. Haha!! It was quite the feat. Trying to get 10 little children to look at the camera and smile simultaneously was near impossible. A couple of our little ones just couldn’t take the pressure. undefinedPersonally, I would argue that THIS is probably the most accurate portrayal of us. Sigh. I LOVE this family. undefined

As the closing ceremonies to this momentous event, Mom and Dad took the opportunity to teach us, adults and children alike. I LOVE that. Us parents may be all grown up, but that most definitely doesn’t mean that we are done learning. We are still somebodies children. At the beginning of the fireside, they called the children to meet them in the basement. I was asked to come help with Jace’s preparations. When I walked into the room, the children were dressed in authentic, beautiful armor. My little nephew, Ben yells: ‘Wisa, look!’ And thrusting his sword in the air he yelled: ‘We are the Army of Helaman!!!’ Even as I type this, my chest constricts with emotion at the feeling in that room. Purity, excitement, courage, power, hope. I passed my little peanut off to Dad, and he presented him to the room and explained that the inspiration for this fireside came from Jace’s blessing, when Nate blessed him with ‘strength and courage.’ After polling the children later that day, they all agreed that this was their favorite part of the whole reunion.

undefinedI was humbled that evening. Dad said that he hoped we could catch a glimpse at the TRUE nature of the heroes that stood in our midst. They are, in all actuality, warriors of truth. They are the hope for our future and most importantly, WE are responsible for ARMING them, preparing them, training them in the ways of truth and righteousness. For those who might read this that are not LDS, the ‘Army of Helaman’ is the scriptural account of an army of 2,000 youth who were forced to defend their country from destruction. Not one soldier was lost, which they attributed to the faith of their mothers. It is a beautiful story. I was left with a profound sense of graveity that evening. I held my little warrior as he slept in my arms and I feared for him. At the same time, I was filled with such peace and JOY. Those little ones, every single one, has such a deep and resounding goodness. I should have no reason to fear for my family. I have been given everything that I need to protect them, and they were born already strong, already courageous… prepared before they were born for a great destiny and purpose.

undefinedWhat a PERFECT reunion. We laughed… we cried… we reminisced… we were taught… we played… we ate… we REJOICED at the chance to be in each others company and feel of each others love. Thank you, Josh and Brooke, for having us, and Mom and Dad for…. everything else. : )

Lisa Van Gemert - I came across this looking for cowboy party ideas (random, I know), and I was reading, I was thinking, oh, they have to be LDS. Then I got to the Army of Helaman (formidable), and I knew. What great inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for sharing.

Josh Perkes - Luisa and Nate,

I loved this post! You captured everything so beautifully and I’m really glad you didn’t say anything about Nate beating me in chess. :)

Love you guys!


Jen Perkes - Luisa,
You have so beautifully captured our week! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was such a blessing to be with everyone as we got caught up on our lives, laughed, ate, played games and competitions, and had wild adventures. My favorite thing was sitting back and observing how much our sons and daughters and amazing grandchildren truly love each other and enjoy just being together. My joy is full!!
Hugs and luvs,
; )

The Nesting Syndrome…

… I thought that it was a myth. But low and behold, as my pregnancy progressed and my sanity slowing disappeared along with my waistline, after my house was ‘in order’, I started just MAKING stuff. Now, Nate got me a sewing machine for Valentines Day last year [YAY!!] and I am SO proud to say that I have put that baby to good use!! undefinedApart from mending Nate’s wholey pants, and altering some of my own clothes, I’ve made a few carseat covers which are AWESOME for the windy, winter months…

undefinedThis is Jace’s “Mommy quilt.” He received a plethora of blankets and quilts MUCH more beautiful than this one, but I decided to make him one anyways, because he HAD to have one from his own Mommy. I splurged though, and made it entirely out of minkie. I refused to answer Nate when he asked: ‘Its so much cheaper to just buy one… so why are you doing that?’ ; )undefined…I’ve made some rip quilts, which are super fun, easy and soft. Here’s the link to the blog that I used for instructions: Rip Quilt.undefined

My sister warned me before I had Jace, that I was going to need A LOT of burp rags, and not just the cheap Gerber ones. I needed to have the cloth diapers that absorb like a sponge. ‘I KNOOOOOOoooooow….’, I said. Luckily, Jace isn’t a spit-upper, but he DROOLS like the Niagara Falls. Sadly, I only had ONE cloth diaper burp rag, so I’ve made some more, and some for friends too! She was RIGHT! [Ok, I said it. She'll love that.]

I also made  some scripture cases out of place mats for my sisters and best friend. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t take a picture before I mailed them off… : ( But here is the general idea: Scripture Cases

My man sure knows his lady… I’m so glad that he got me that machine. My BIG objective, after making presents for the next 4 baby showers that are coming up is a quilt for Nate. He helped me pick out the material, and it will be lime green, cream and black. CAN’T WAIT… but I’m scared. I’ve never made a REAL quilt before. WISH ME LUCK!

Leanne - WOW girly! you really have talent! Those look sooooo good!! I miss you! have i told you that before?! so i have a funny story. remember when we lived in san miguel and every morning you would sing, “good morning beautiful…” yeah. well kev always has a song he sings every morning. lol. it’s always different too. i still wonder how he chooses them. ANYWAY, he started to sing this one the other day, and as sweet as it was for him to sing it…it made me think of you! shh. don’t tell him i said that. :) you were the best companion. (almost as good as Kev.) lol. anyway. just thought you should know you are the best! love ya BOBBIE! looks like you had a GREAT time at home too, by the way! any travel plans near st. george soon???

Bean Town = Home Sweet Home…

There’s nothing like returning to the home that bore my childhood. My birthday’s, 3-17, were all celebrated in the same kitchen, in the same house, on the same street… on ‘Day Street’ actually, where the sun never sets… #9 . It makes me happy that I have a niece and a nephew that are growing up in the same fantastic neighborhood that I grew up in. I got to introduce Jace to two of his cousins, my two sisters, his two great-grandmothers… and most importantly, for me, his grandfather… my Daddy. He is very dear to my heart and I want those two very important men in my life to become acquainted. Here is Jace with his two cousins, Cameron and Brooke, most commonly known as Cammie and Brooka:undefinedThey just could NOT get enough of him and he enjoyed EVERY minute with them:undefinedundefined

The first night that I was home, my sisters and I treated ourselves to a night out on the town. Girls will be girls, and “girls just wanna have fuh-un”… so, we did. We went out to eat at The Cheesecake factory, where I can NEVER go without a full piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake [my wedding cake!!] We ate dinner, round-robin style, each sharing eachothers meals like only sisters can do.

undefinedTia Love!! Then we finished the night off with very authentic Carrie Underwood impressions in the parking lot.


The next day was my baby sister’s graduation! That’s right, I call her ‘baby’, but it WAS in fact, graduation from HIGH school, not kindergarden or anything. I wish she was facing the other way, because I did her hair! That was a big feat for me… I’m no hairstylist, that’s for sure.


Saturday was one of my favorite days… ‘TAKE ME OUT TO THE BAAALLL GAME!!’ My sister got some Red Sox vs. A’s tickets and we had such a blast. It was GORGEOUS weather, sunny with a cool breeze.


Apart from us winning 9-8 in the bottom of the 14th [longest game since 1979], my favorite part of the entire game was having to change Jace’s diaper and nearly clearing all the stands surrounding us because of the stench. My Dad yelled: ‘What are you feeding that kid?’ At that point, the cool breeze did not work to our advantage. It was an amazing game, with Papelbon getting kicked out of the game for the first time in his career and J.D. Drew walking off in the 14th.


And OF COURSE, we had to have the hot dogs and peanuts. For over processed, unidentifiable meat, they were AMAZING!

undefinedThese are my grandmothers. They loved that boy more than anybody. My Grammy Pat on the left, was one half of the equation of how Jace got his blue eyes!undefinedThese are Nate’s parents, Jace’s grandparents, and Jen, Nate’s Mom was the other half of where Jace get’s his baby blues. They nearly fought tooth and nail to hold Jace the entire time. I LOVED It! They came over for a typical Costa Rican meal and afterwords, we played our new favorite game, Canadian Salad. undefinedThey brought the most amazing Chocolate Raspberry cake… we overindulged ourselves. undefinedMy Mom took Monday off, and took me and my brother and sister and Jace into downtown Boston. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! I am ESPECIALLY entertained and very easily distracted by the street performers. They were such a riot.undefinedWe went to Quincy Market and Fanueil Hall… of course, to get something to eat. To those that have never been, Quincy Market is this incredibly long hall way with restaurants lining each side. The options are endless!!! They have developed the Costco technique of leaving samples out for people to try. We had the hardest time picking one, so we bought a few different things and all shared. undefined

We checked out a bunch of the shops around the Market, and this booth was outside of Local Color. I love it!!
After that, we still had time to spare and even though, we shouldn’t have been hungry at this point after sharing Quincy Market delicacies, we decided to head to the Famous Mike’s Pastry shop in the Italian North End. The canolli’s were out of this world. Here I am estimating what I am going to look like after this trip is all over. undefinedundefinedWe took our snacks down to Boston Harbor and watched the ships come and go in gorgeous warm sunshine. undefinedundefinedCan you believe that that night we still went out to dinner? We went out to a Hibachi restaurant where they cook your entire meal right in front of you!!undefinedComplete with pyrotechnics!!  They put on quite a show with the juggling of knives and tossing us pieces of shrimp to catch in our mouths… sea lion style.

Hummingbirds have a special significance for my Dad, so in Boston I found a mini one for him to hang on his rearview mirror. The sushi chef decorated his plate all fancy with his little gift right in the middle.

This was BY FAR, the best trip home that I have ever had… I haven’t lived at home for quite some time, and they made this event the best yet. Still… nothin’s quite home unless Nate is there. We sent him this picture on our final flight home. It is SO good to be with my Nate.

Danella - Awww… this makes me miss you guys!!! :) :) :)

Oscar B. Morales - Hello Luisa, Jace and Nate,
Great Pictures!!!
Thank you for capturing the great times that you had in Boston. I love how we always end up eating no matter what we do and that we are so diverse in the foods that we eat, as I’ve said before, eating together is the universal language, everywhere on this world.
But, I love this country, where we have so much freedom and enjoy everything that is good; Food, sports, food again, beautiful boats, some more food, Red Sox Nations, hot dogs, Quincy Market, cannolo (plural for cannoli), family, did I mention food, to worship as we want and to bless our homes and family.

Family Foto Shoot…

You would think that having the talent and the resources that we have in this family to take amazing family pictures… it wouldn’t be so hard. I nearly dragged Nate out on this photo shoot by the ear. And sweet, sweet redemption… by the end, he was thanking me profusely for submitting him to such ‘AMAZING LIGHT’ and locations. Being the wife of a photographer, I’m always driving around looking at the world as potential shoot locations, for Nate’s clients OR for us.  Star has locations in abundance. I’ve needed some pictures for Jace’s baby book, and so, for Family Night this Monday, we set up the trusty tripod, put it on a one second timer, and just a had a blast!

Nate has been more than generous as I have painstakingly been learning the editing techniques of the professional software that he uses. What he can do in 1 minute, I do in 7. We also have very different styles of editing. As you will see on the pictures that he is posting on his blog today, they are very different from the ones that I’ve posted here, even if the image is the same. I like to have a lot of fun with a variety of filters, while Nate aims for consistency of his brand. I like dark, sultry high contrasted tones, while Nate loves the warm, creamy, slightly washed out, sunny look. I hope that both blog posts are pleasing to your eye. Speaking of ‘easy on the eye’… ISNT JACE THE CUTEST? He was a little bit cold, and a big bit tired, but at least he didn’t have a big meltdown on our very first family photo shoot.

Bree - Great pics of your cute family!

Shannon - I love my beautiful little family. 45 minutes seems like just the right amount of time to get happy pictures without killing the fun.

Pops - Luisa-dearest: We LOVE your editing of the photos! And you have some different ones that we really treasure [like the new one of you kissing Jace]. It is fun to see your editing style and compare it to Nate’s–loving them both! You two are such a class act! WELL DONE!!!

Kelley - Oh Luisa! These are incredible! Were these on a self timer?! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Jace’s Blessing…

A couple of Monday’s ago, on my Life Thru the Macro post on Nate’s blog, I talked about Jace’s blessing. As is the tradition at church, we presented Jace before the congregation and Nate gave him a name and a blessing. It was a beautiful experience. In that post, I spoke about my fears as a mother, about how in this day and age, there has never been a greater need to instill in our children the standards and values that we hope they can live by. The world is a dark place… new evils and evils as old as Cain himself seem to rampage through the Earth. At the same time, I am filled with hope. Filled with the knowledge, that our special little boy Jace is unique, and ‘strong and courageous’. There is no need to despair, because I have to believe that good will prevail. Here are some shots of our little family, and of the light of our life, Jace [taken by our sweet Mama photographer, Jen Perkes].

Shannon - Thanks for posting these. Wish were there but it looks like an amazing Mother’s Day/ Blessing Day for all.

Kathryn - Those pictures are wonderful! Such a beautiful family. Jace is so cute!

Brittany - yep he is glowing!!! You guys are one beautiful family!

Pops - BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful family! And a beautiful day! So glad we were able to share it with you. Mom and I are still touched by Jace’s blessing . . . and most of all by this sweet new soul. Loves to you all!

Maui Wowee!!!

To say the least, this post has been a VERY long time in coming. It’s amazing how one trip can mess up the beautiful little routines that we had going on at our house. Jace would sleep about 12 hours every night and parenting seemed to be sort of easy. Our little vacay to Hawaii was our wake up call, and we are still trying to recover. You think Jet lag is tough on adults?

But while we were there, we had such an amazing time! We definitely want to go back and visit some of the other islands. I had a layover in Oahu, but it was a hugely populated and busy city, so  I didn’t venture out of the airport. Nate and I want to go back and visit Kaui which is where they filmed LOST. But Maui was absolutely fantastic. The smells were amazing and the Maui Gold pineapple was the best on earth. Jace did pretty dang close to PERFECT on our flights. The last 45 mins of our 6 hour flight were the hardest. He didn’t scream uncontrollably, but he fussed. I nearly cried with relief when we landed. Here is a picture of us in the Honolulu airport. We sent this picture to Nate to report in on our status. We had to fly separate flights since his ticket was booked through the corporate travel agent.

Nate sent this one in return from his iPhone and it made me SO ANXIOUS to catch up to him in Kapalua on the Northshore of Maui.

The event that Nate was hired to cover was at the Ritz… and what an amazing resort it was, like a little slice of heaven.

He also took this very “NATE” picture of himself while waiting for Jace and I get there. I LOVE it.

Immediately upon arrival, we made fast friends with all the people there that Nate was working with. EVERYONE was such a blast, and I enjoyed sharing Jace as they passed him around.

During one of the nights off, we went out with a few couples from the group for a night out on the town. While the boys took the Jeep Wrangler, the ladies took the CONVERTIBLE, BABY! WAHOO!! I felt like I was in high school again… speeding down the highway alongside the beach, and blasting the radio with the fresh Hawaiian air in our hair. We were like little girls!!

We went out to an amazing local grill called Kimo’s in Lahaina. The food was ridiculous and I WISH that we had gotten a picture of the Hula Pie. It was SO ginormous that the 6 of us shared it and it was more than enough. It was a huge slice of chocolate chip ice cream pie with an oreo chocolate crust.

As if that wasn’t enough for dessert… we HAD to go to Ululani’s to get shaved ice. No lie, that cone was nearly as big as Jace’s head… if not bigger. Nate and I shared a Mango/Passionfruit with sweetened condensed milk and coconut sprinkled all on top. TO DIE FOR!!! Afterwards, we went for a walk on the boardwalk, and burned a whole 2 calories. It was a gorgeous night.

The company treated their ‘winners’ to a whole bunch of adventures and Nate got to tag a long to all of them! First was a snorkeling trip on a 70 foot Catamaran named Shangrila. Nate said that it was THE BEST snorkeling he had ever seen in his life. The next day was an early morning deepsea fishing trip. Unfortunately, nothing was caught. : (

The day after that, they went on a pretty intense zipline canopy tour. No, no. That hot blonde is NOT me. I was back at the resort with Jace. ; )

Jace and I most definitely had a ton of fun NOT in the sun. Haha! I would never have imagined that any baby of mine would be as fair as he is. I’ve got my own little Casper… with transparent skin. I wanted to be really careful not to get him burned. As you can tell from this picture, he was NOT a huge fan of that hat. I, however, am a big fan. He looks like Gilligan!

We also taught him his first swimming lesson. It wasn’t much of ‘lesson’, per se. But he definitely knows that when you’re legs are in the water, you’ve got to KICK!!


By the end of our vacation, I was actually REALLY disappointed because I felt like we didn’t have ANY pictures of us!! : ( So right after we checked out, and before we had to head to the airport, I got Nate to set up the trusty old tripod and take some pictures of us. YAY! I love that first picture, not only because Nate is ABOUT TO BE SLIMED [hehe!], but because you can tell by the expressions on our faces how enamored we are by our little boy.

Nate’s done it again. I can’t believe how lucky I have been to have traveled to so many  places with him. It is my favorite thing to do in the world. He is the BEST travel buddy and I’m so grateful for all his hard work and dedication. He is truly an amazing photographer and more and more people around the world are beginning to realize that.

Brit - That’s awesome!!!! What a fun trip! Kyle & decided that one day soon we need to take some travel time with you two!

Kelley - Those pictures are stunning. You guys all look great! I think it’s great you’re instilling the travel bug in Jace so early. :) Lots to come, I’m sure. =)

Shalse - oh i love your blog luisa!!! it’s beautiful! hawaii was amazing and i am so happy that we got to meet you guys and that handsome jace! keep in touch!!! xoxo ;-)

Pops - Mom and I have LOVED your Hawaii photos. Of course, my personal favorites usually include Jace. The swim lesson was adorable! He looked a little CONCERNED!

Always good to see the Adventure Family on the go!

3 Years and Goin’ Strong…

I can hardly believe that Nate and I got married 3 years ago. Its funny how your perception of time is so warped. I feel like it was just yesterday, and I also feel like its been forever… like I’ve just always been married to him. That’s when my life began! Our wedding day was such a blast… it was THE perfect day.

Here are some funny memories of our wedding:

Nate surprised me with a serenade the night before we got married – complete with an acoustic rendition of our song: ‘Making Memories of Us.’

I spilled chocolate on my dress from the chocolate fountains.

We got pelted with marshmallows as we made our exit from the reception.

We drove away without the key to the car [it was an Infiniti G3S, and you didn't have to insert it in the ignition to start it...]

We drove in the gorgeous bright sunshine of a perfect day, blasting our radio, windows down, singing at the top of our lungs, taking pictures and eating our favorite candy bar:  Caramello.

Our anniversary has also been one of those ‘perfect days’… We didn’t make any elaborate plans, but instead we had an all day picnic. We napped in the sun and ate and read and ‘oogled’ over our gorgeous little baby. And then Nate presented me with my gift…I KNOW, RIGHT!!! I freaked out, and in all actuality, started crying. Nate got a photography gig in Hawaii, and we had basically planned on me NOT going this time. I tried DESPERATELY to be ok with that… but in my heart of hearts it made me so sad that I would be missing this great adventure with him. Well, Nate told me that he couldn’t imagine being there without me… and so it goes!! WE’RE GOING TO HAWAII!

At this moment, Nate is lying in bed. He was running a fever last night, with cold sweats and the shakes. As morbid as it might sound, when Nate is sick I LOVE the opportunity that it grants me to spoil him, and coddle him and grant him his every wish. I fed him, made him drink lots of water, gave him cold compresses to bring down his fever, gave him medicine. When I had Jace, Nate was the same exact way. He takes THE BEST care of me. I love this picture that was taken on our wedding day…  3 years ago. I am in the best hands, literally and figuratively. We promised to take care of each other, no matter what, forever. I hope that Nate feels like he is in the best hands as well.

Shannon - Happy Anniversary! You two make a wonderful couple and made an absolutely gorgeous baby. Can’t wait to squeeze him!!! I remember your wedding like it just happened.

Jonesy - I freakin love you guys!!! I miss my godson!! That is all Lacey and i can talk about!! ha ha

Brittany - HAWAII!!!!!! how stinking FUN!!! YEA!!! when are you going?!?! And we had cala Lillies at our wedding too! (I know I spelt that wrong :)

Kelley - Awe, he is the sweetest! That’s awesome. Happy Anniversary!

Melanie - Congratulations on three years! I am not sure where in Hawaii you are going, but if you are Oahu we should get together! Let me know.

Kathryn - Y’all are so cute! That’s a fun way to celebrate.

My blog is going private this week! Check my blog to find out how to keep access. If you’ve already sent me your email thanks! I’m send this message to everyone on my google reader.

Thank Goodness for the iPhone… Installment #2…

I think that Nate’s professional camera for work, his Nikon D3S, probably weighs about 5 lbs. There is no way that I want to be lugging that beast around with me all day as Jace is charming us with all of his antics. I’m so grateful that Nate ALWAYS has his phone on hand, and has continually been taking pictures. Here is a little sample of what it looks like to spend a day at the Perkes house:

Liliana - He’s so cute…

Oscar B. Morales - Hello Guys,

Love the Pictures; I am impressed that the quality is great, even though they were taken with a phone camera. It just goes to show that Nate is a natural!!!

I can’t wait to meet ¡“mi pequeño cachorrito” ¡!!

Love Pappa Daddy

Welcome to Our New Blog!

I have been SO excited about getting this blog on a roll. I wanted our Baby Jace to have a new blog to feature all the amazing things that he is experiencing and that WE are experiencing as new parents.

Many thanks to Nate for designing this for me, and for being EXTREMELY patient as I have nitpicked  and nagged. There are still a few things that are in the works, so please be forgiving of any glitches. I can’t wait to begin documenting our adventures, aspirations, amazements, appetites and atrocities, although hopefully not too many of those.

Please come and visit often!! Oh and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I’ve got to get started on our corned beef and cabbage!

Jessie - What a cute lil man! You guys did a great job:-)

Oscar B. Morales - My sweet Bobby, consider me chastised, I will touch base with you off line. Oh how I wish that I could be there to touch, smell hold my little “Duende” “cachorrito” and you and “Nick” (you and Nick), hug anyways. Love Papa Daddy

Aimee Swenson - This is the first time I thought Jace looks like Cameron! What a little cutie. If you are going to be in Utah anytime soon I’d love to see you.

Carolee Adams - What a fun way to celebrate your new adventures as the Perkes Family. Hope you continue to be the wonderful influence to your sweet son! Love you, The Adams’
We will be in Utah for Stephanie’s shower April 2nd from 6-8pm in Highland (near the point of the mountain between SLC and Provo). We would love to see you!

Brit - So I didn’t get to hold Jace last night and I’m thinking of taking that problem into my own hands – AH! No pun Inteneded -heehee- I might need to stop by tomorrow and take that little amazing guy into my hands :)

Ashlea - I love your new blog Luisa. Most of all I love seeing you so happy. What a beautiful baby boy you have. What joy I know you must feel every day to be his mommy.

Much Love!

queenie irons - BOBBIE!! he is adorable!!! look at those lips!! oh do you not kiss that sweet face every two seconds!!?? he is to die for. i can’t believe how much he has already changed in the last month! time does fly.:) i LOVE the pic of you in yellow. you look amazing. your blog is amazing too. so fun! i miss you!! thanks for sending me an invite. oh, by the way, did you ever get a package in the mail? i hope so. i sent a few things for jace. anyway, i love you tons! can’t wait to see MORE pictures of baby jace and you! (nate too of course.:)

—->Youre blog is so fun and the baby pictures are the best I have ever seen! I love you and youre budding family. much loves and hugs Nellie

Pops - Cutest little leprechaun ever!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day to you guys!

Jen Perkes - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the new blog. Great design, great photograhy, and even better….great and beautiful people! Jace’s expressions just crack me up! Keep it all coming.

Love and hugs,


He Went #1 and #2!!!

We’ve hoped that you all have been able to view the pictures that Nate and I have taken of Jace and posted in different places, both on Facebook and on Nate’s blog [Check them out here or here or here]. We have had SO much fun finding backdrops and props to showcase our little rockstar. Sleeping, our little buddy is the MOST cooperative guy ever, obviously. Awake? Well… he’s always hungry, and that’s not very picturesque. Nate and I had two main photo shoots: one with Daddy and Son and the other with Mommy and Son. Nate’s went wonderfully well:

My shoot, however, did not go so well. First of all, we had a lot of this going on:

And after that, Jace peed all over me. And all over the place. What a goober!! Drying me off and cleaning me up turned out to be completely futile, because right after that, Jace went #2. TWICE!!! All over me. We decided at that point it was time to pack up the gear and get a diaper on that kid! We have gotten some fun shots though, and we hope you have seen them. We are so proud of our little bugger.


Andrew - I love the pictures, you are valiant for doing it all without a diaper!

Danella - Tu hijito está chinito!! -_- está bien bonito! =)

Oscar B. Morales - Hi Guys, Keep the pictures coming. I often wonder, what are this little Angels trying to tell us !!! I sometimes get lost in toughts of what it is that they remember before they totally forget and as you know me I always talk this is little ones as if they were little women and little men.

Love you,

Pappa Daddy

Linda Erickson - Darling pictures! I went to my mom’s yesterday and she was just dying to show me all of the beautiful pictures of Jace. They are adorable and she loves them. I’m sure she shows everyone who comes by!

Emily Brems - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture with Nate and Jace is looking up at him. Beautiful!! And the last picture looks like something from a nativity scene!! Luisa’s pic made me laugh. He so obviously knows that mama is his food source and that she is currently holding him. HEHE. You guys are so going to appreciate having all these wonderful pictures of him when he gets older and looks nothing like he did in the beginning! Want to see more of how things are going and hear more about how the adjustment is and what you are thinking of this change in your lives!!

The Greatest Day of Our Lives!!

My Doctor put money on the fact that I was going to go late… like WAY late, past my due date. Nate and I felt comfortable in the fact that we would have some extra time to get ready. Ha! Very funny. Instead, one week BEFORE my due date [instead of 2 weeks after as predicted!], I had my appointment with the Doc and wasn’t dilating whatsoever. I worked the rest of that day. I took castor oil that evening… and wahla!! The contractions started 3:00 am, February 3rd. I was convinced not to go to the hospital only to be sent home again because I wasn’t considered to be in ‘active’ labor, so for the next 6 hours, the LONGEST 6 hours of my life, I labored at home. I woke Nate up to time my contractions at 6:00 am, and finally at 9:00 am, when I started throwing up everywhere, we decided to head into Boise. I got emitted and the nurse let me know that: ‘Yup… you are definitely having a baby today. You’re dilated to a 5!!’ The moment she said it… I asked for the drugs! I could hardly wait another moment. And when Doctor Dave walked into the room, I knew he was an angel sent from heaven. They sat me up and started prepping for the injection. Nate was supporting me in front, and was peering over my head and shoulders to watch the procedure. All of a sudden, he goes: ‘Oh man, I’ve got to lie down.’ I ALMOST couldn’t help but laugh to see Nate, stark white, lying down beside my bed, nearly passing out. What a cutie! The fun hadn’t even started yet! When the meds kicked in… oh what heavenly bliss… I got to sleep until it was time to start pushing.

I’ll spare the gory details… but suffice it to say, I had a great delivery. The epidural slowed me way down, so my contractions were about 8-9 mins apart. Because of that, I pushed for an hour and a half and at 4:21 pm, the most  beautiful being I could have ever imagined came into my life. They had some minor concerns [he was experiencing some duress during labor and there was 'meconium' when my water broke- just Google it], so I didn’t even get to meet him until about 10 mins after. I will say this: his cone-head freaked me out, and I am SO glad that his head is perfectly normal now. Jace barely cried when he came out [but has, since then, made up for lost time]. He stayed WIDE AWAKE for 4 1/2 hours after he was born! He was alert, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. We talked to him and laughed and sang to him and just ooohh’d and ahhh’d at every perfect inch of his body. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. 21 in. long [89th %!! Tall, just like his Dad!].


Exactly 24  hours after I went into labor, at 3:00 am on the 4th, a nurse bursts into my room and hands me Jace, saying that there is a fire on our floor and that they were bringing all babies back from the nursery. About 5 minutes after that, fire fighters came and started evacuating. There was smoke in the hallways and pools of water on the floors. I felt so blessed feeling well enough t o walk after seeing half of the Mom’s being wheeled around in office chairs, many without their babies, and ALL of us without any idea where to go. We ended up a couple of floors down in a room with 5 other women and their babies.  Apparently, someone had been smoking in a closet and had thrown their cigarette in a pile of soiled linens; genius. All’s well that ends well, and the hospital tried desperately to compensate for the inconvenience [free food and gifts, and flowers!]. Our little Jace now has an incredible story to tell about the day he was born.

undefinedundefinedundefinedNate and I have been on ‘cloud 9′. We have smothered this little boy in our kisses and our love. We have given him his first bath and have mastered the art of ‘swaddling’. Nate has waited on me and Jace, hand and foot. He has taken to learning EVERYTHING he can about newborns and their care. He has made MULTIPLE trips to Babies R Us and has come back with treasures, more excited than a child at Christmas. He is SUCH a good Dad and has even tamed the “photographer” in him and has only subjected Jace to ONE photo session! We will post the results soon!undefined

I’m still in shock, I think, that we are actually parents. I cannot believe that Jace is mine and we are his and that his level of perfection was even possible. I miss him when he is not in sight. I miss him when he sleeps. I long to hold him and kiss him even if I was doing that only 5 minutes ago.It seems life has finally begun. And what a beautiful life it is.

Its About Time…

It would be an understatement to say that I have been sufficiently “harassed” to post some pregnancy pictures. For some deranged reason, it seems to be that when a woman is at her HUGEST, people all of a sudden want to see as much of her as possible. ; )
To appease the masses… behold… THE BELLY!
Nate’s Favorite:
And of course I couldn’t help flirting JUST A LITTLE with my sexy photographer.
I can’t believe that in a few short days, that belly will be gone and in our arms instead, will be the most beautiful being to grace this planet. Ha! Just kidding. We can’t wait!

Jackie - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Get through those first weeks when you have your baby. You're going to feel like you want to die, your boobs are going to fall off, and you will cry everyday. It's ok, it GETS BETTER. I Love being a mommy now. Love you!

Danella - this is AMAZING LUISA!!! your pictures make me want to have a baby :D You are really beautiful, I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! and meet my nephew. yay!!

Ingrid Y. Rodriguez - Luisita! Que hermosa se te ve con tu pancita! Girl, you make pregnancy look at its best! Enjoy that belly as much as you can because once it's gone, you'll miss the kicks, the squirming, and all the salsa dancing your little one is doing right now… and then the belly just gets boring! but you'll have your beautiful baby in your arms so that will make up for everything! I'm so excited for you. Se que seras una gran mama! Te quiero mucho! Yayyyy we are blog friends!

kevin. Leanne. Beckum. - why hello BEAUTIFUL!! you look amazing luisa!! i love the last picture:) it makes me smile…with all the fun memories we had together once upon a long time ago. lol. oh man i miss us.i can't wait to hear all about it as well and SEE how sweet and beautiful this baby boy will be!! love you tons bobbie!!

p.s. i can't wait to see you someday. :)

Trysha - Oh my goodness you look so amazing!! Gorgeous!

It also makes me happy as a Mama of a Caedon to see the name Kaiden almost in the lead for your baby name poll. ;)

(I linked from Nate's photography blog)

Melanie - I am so excited for you to begin this wild adventure. That babe is going to be gorgeous!

Linda - I agree! You are a gorgeous pregnant woman! Can't wait to see the little guy and hear the details! Good luck with everything! We will keep both of you (and Nate) in our prayers! I actually like to give birth! (Not so much the pregnant part, though.) Hope you are feeling good. I always feel better the week after I give birth than the week before. Hang in there!

Emily - Your pictures are beautiful!! And you are not even CLOSE to huge! You look wonderful!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the baby. You are super lucky to have such a great photographer for a husband. I have been wanting to do belly photos with each of my kids and never got around to it. Plus you will get amazing pics of your baby – all for free! :) Congrats. I'm on the edge of my seat for baby pics and information!

Happy New Year & Good Bye 2010!!

Nate and I have made it a tradition to make a video every year as a summary to our adventures and memories. It has been a blast this past week filtering through our library of photos and videos. We laughed and reminisced, and I couldn’t believe how many times I thought: “I completely forgot about that!!!” Anyway, I’ll let the video speak for itself about US and our 2010.

Vanessa Montero Badilla - Hola nate, luisa y jace!!!!!! saludes al baby que acaba de nacer esta bellisimo, me da mucho gusto saludarlos aunque sea de larga distancia aqui en costa rica, estan muy chivas las fotos me encantan los voy a contratar para hacer algo parecido a este video tan lindo jajaja de verdad me alegro un monton de que tengan una familia tan linda y ojala que la disfruten al maximo como lo han hecho hasta ahora, bueno por si no saben quien soy soy vanessa hija de randall montero primo de tu papa de la gran familia de COSTA RICA :D , tengo dos hermanitos pablo de 13 años y mario de 7 años que tambien le mandan saludos, ojala puedan venir a costa rica otra vez para tener el gusto de conocer a nate y jace que solo los e visto por fotos…. perdon ay por escribirles en español pero es que mi ingles no es muy bueno jejejeje XD ;D :* (si se inclinan un poco hacia la izquierda lo que acabo de escribir “XD” es una carita sonriendo)bueno en fin que les vaya bien en todo LOS QUEREMOS MUCHO !!

de: la gran familia que tienen aqui en costa rica

Rice-Ball - I loved watching your adventures and all of the neat places you got to go see. I'm wondering what program you guys used to compile everything and set your music tracks to? I'm really interested in doing one of my own, I'm sure it won't be as picturesque, but I'd love to give it a try :) Thanks for sharing, keep them coming. Lindsay Ball

Anonymous - Hi Luisa,

Very nicely put together, had a good time watching it. You guys look so good and happy together… that's awesome!! Happy New Year 2011!!

Keep in touch,

Anonymous - LUISA!!

It was great to see Nate, even for a short time last week. I can't wait to hear you're parents. Thanks for sending us to your blog!! Its a great reminder how much we love you guys!

All our best from New England!
Ben Della-Piana

Anonymous - I LOVE LOVED LOVED IT!! Thanks for sharing, Luisa! You guys look so happy! I can't believe you got to go to all those places! I can't wait to travel more!

Super congrats on the baby!

Anonymous - La vida es bella pero aun mas a travez de tus ojos, es precioso el video, gracias por compartirlo.



Josh - Wow, that was so fun! I loved watching you both and missing you like crazy. What an amazing year for you two. You guys are the best.



Jackson D's - Wonderful, wonderful 2010! Thank you for sharing your adventures. We are excited for your new little boy on the way. We have a little girl joining our family too! Sending our love,

Deb & Dave

Ken and Jen Perkes - Oh, what a year!!!!!

Fabulously documented! I loved it!!! I had a smile on my face the whole time.

And as good as it was last year . . . 2011 will be even better!!!



Feliz Navidad de Mexico!

I’m not sure if life gets any better than this, and I’m also not sure if we will ever have a year like 2010. It seems like we began the year with adventures and that we have ‘adventured’ our entire way through until the end. Our most recent travels brought us to Mexico for another wedding and we had a blast. In general, Nate and I are always treated very well by the bride & groom and their families, but it seems that THIS particular group of people were there to serve and take care of us and make us feel like part of the family. It was incredible. We started the trip in Guadalajara which is the 2nd biggest city in all of Mexico. It was busy… it was alive… and it was FULL of people. We LOVED it. Below are 2 of the old cathedrals near our hotel.


The wedding took place in a gorgeous tiny vintage chapel, which was where the brides parents were married 30 years ago. We were in the city for 2 days and then we headed west to Puerto Vallarta on the coast [about a 5 hour drive]. Nate was pretty excited to see the ocean.
Our little brother Max is serving a mission in Italy and has OFTEN told us about the gelatos. We saw this shop and HAD to try it out. But after talking to Max, we learned how unauthentic these gelatos really were, regardless of how AMAZING they tasted. I guess you can’t really expect authenticity when you come to Mexico to have ITALIAN Gelatos. ; )
Nate and I spent limited time in our hotel room. There was just TOO much to see! When we were walking along the boardwalk there were ALL kinds of statues and art work, vendors and entertainers. It was a blast. Nate has a surprisingly similar appearance to this alien statue.

Nate and I rode the buses the entire time we were there. It was a blast being crammed in there with all the locals, and it was SO CHEAP… $1.30 for the both of us!
Once we got downtown, we walked around, just looking for trouble.

During one of our wanderings we came across a charming Mexican restaurant called ‘Si Senor‘ located right in the heart of downtown. We LOVED it. Nate got one of his favorite meals: Chicken Enchiladas and I got STEAK! It was so much fun!
Christmas Eve we decided that we needed to do somehting extra special. Nate got his Scuba certification like 7-8 years ago and hasn’t really used it much since, so we decided that NOW was the opportunity. We found Chico’s Dive Shop and they took great care of us! On a Catamaran with about 10 other people, they took us out to these beautiful, mini islands called Los Arcos.
I was planning on snorkeling, but upon arriving on location I found the waters infested with MILLIONS of jellyfish. Since I didn’t have a full wetsuit like Nate, I declined, and just enjoyed sunbathing on the boat lost in the depths of a good book.
Nate LOVED every second of exploring below the surface and he saw some AMAZING things. Diving here was definitely different for him than diving in the Caribbean. He saw eels, King angelfish, huge Blue tangs, Puffer fish, an octopus, sting rays, sea slugs, an 8″ sea horse, sea snakes, starfish, and butterfly fish… just to name a few.
While Nate was diving during lunch time, we started feeding some blue tangs that we saw below the surface and before you know it we had this HUGE school of King Angelfish right beside the boat. On our way home, also from the boat, we saw a pod of sea turtles, an eagle ray and a couple of HUGE manta rays. Manta rays can get to be up to 25′ across! The ones that we saw were probably 10-15′. The tips of their wings would come up out of the water and looked similar to shark fins (to the untrained eye, obviously). From the beach earlier that day, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming along the coast. They were SO beautiful and graceful. We even saw one jump completely out of the water!!
Even though we spent this holiday on the beach, we STILL got our Christmas tree!!
Christmas morning was SUCH a blast. It took me forever to wake Nate up, but when I finally did, over breakfast, we opened our stockings! It was SO much fun and I felt like a giddy little girl.
Nate biaccidentally forgot my stocking, but TOTALLY improvised and used my new pajama pants to hold everything in! It was a genius idea.
For Christmas Dinner, we were referred to ‘El Palomar de los Gonzalez’… a restaurant of international cuisine. It had a breathtaking view of the entire city and the sunset. The place was almost entirely outdoors, with gardens, fountains and galleries of artwork.
We had our favorites: PINA COLADAS!
The food was FANTASTIC… we got Caesar Salads to start and the gentleman came to our tableside and made the dressing for us right there! It was the best salad I’ve ever had and we wrote down the recipe so we can try to recreate it!!
So, once again I feel like I haven’t done our trip the justice that it deserves with what I have said and with the 25 pictures I’ve provided. But it WAS truely amazing and we loved every single second of it. We feel so grateful to be able to see so many of the gorgeous corners of this planet. It was an amazing way to spend this Christmas and was what we consider to be our last little ‘shibang’ until our baby comes!

Brit - You two are the funnest (that IS a word in my vocabulary!) EVER!!!! That sounds like so fun, so fabulous!!!!!

Ken and Jen Perkes - You are truly the ADVENTURE FAMILY!!! By the way, what is the guy carrying on his shoulder in the alien statue photo? A dog? a monkey?

In any case, I LOVED seeing and hearing about this amazing get-away! It really has been the most amazing year for you guys! And 2011 is looking pretty good too!

Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying: "I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works." As talented as your work has been this past year . . . it is your life that shows your genius!

Well done!


Life Thru the Macro…

During the year of ’09, it seemed I had to pace my posting… I had SO many things I wanted to talk about and only ONE post a day to do it. THIS year, however, I can’t seem to find enough time to post about the COUPLE of things I really want to talk about. To make matters worse, I am now dividing my ‘blog posting energy’ between 2 separate blogs. I apologize for my lack of attention and devotion to this one. But if you miss me, I wanted to steer you towards a place where weekly, you’ll be able to hear my voice and see our lives through a different venue. For the past two months I have been posting on Nate’s photography blog. Every single Monday I feature ‘Life Thru the Macro’… an insight into life behind the photography. I have enjoyed every single second of it. Sometimes I feel flustered in wanting to represent Nate well, and do justice to the wonder which is HIM, but I’ve had fun at the same time. After all, who doesn’t LOVE to get on a soapbox and GUSH about the one thing in life that truly makes them happy? I’ve provided this link so that you can see the past posts, and I invite you to visit Nate’s blog on Monday’s… where you’ll be sure to find SOMETHING going on, unlike the ‘Nate & Luisa’ blog. ; )

We Seek After These Things…

Never in my life have I thought so much about what in my life I can deem as ‘worthy, or of good report.’ I think the fact that I soon become a mother has made something in me become ultra sensitive to the influences of the world in my home and in my life. I’ve discovered this new devotion to fill my life with good books, good movies, good music, good company, etc. Recently I went out with a bunch of ‘the girls’ and we went to a concert by pop artist: Ingrid Michaelson. I adore her and every musical note and lyric that comes out of her mouth. Her music is unique, clean and uplifting. LOOK HER UP, or buy her album. She is amazingly talented.
I have ALWAYS loved this website, ‘Kids in Mind’, for helping me screen the movies that I know might be questionable or that I think are probably fine, but aren’t. I know that I will be using this when my children are old enough to ‘go to the movies with their friends’. It has saved me from walking out on plenty of movies.
And finally… this was a recent discovery. I have looked EVERYWHERE to find this particular kind of censoring website for books, instead of for movies. I have felt that I can’t trust anyone now a days to give me good CLEAN book suggestions. I prefer knowing beforehand what to expect instead of having awful images and language sprung on me when I least expect it. I even talked to Nate MANY times about creating a website like ‘Rated Reads’ of my VERY OWN, but I was reluctant to have to read A LOT of unsavory books in order to have a sufficient library on a website. Luckily, someone else has already started and now I can just contribute with ratings of my own.
For the safety of our homes and families, we need to remember that “if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”