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  • WE ARE…

    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.

Dinner Entertainment

I’M LEARNING TO PLAY THE GUITAR! Nate has been generous enough to share one of his talents with me. This was really an impromptu video… we were waiting for dinner to cook and I was chillin’ in the kitchen practicing. Please forgive the amateurism; this is the very first song I’ve learned!!

Belinda - Luisa you are awesome! I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar! And you look sooo cute holding the guitar. The most I could do would be to pose.
And you do have a beautiful voice. You are beautiful inside and out!
Hugs and kisses…

Brooke - Luisa, you’re amazing! I can’t believe that’s the first song you’ve ever learned. As we were watching, Emma kept saying, “Let’s go see her.” We all miss you guys.

Gabe - Luisa! You have SUCH a beautiful voice!!!!

Maritza Lastres - jajaja..gracias por todo… y por querer ayudarme con mi Blogg,,jejej =).

Maritza Lastres - oH!!:.casi llore cuando te vi tocando esa cuestion!..jeje..muy linda!.. me encanto… te extraño mucho!.. slaudos al papi..=).

les quiero con todo mi corazon!

Mandy - WOW! I didn’t know what an awesome voice you have! Way to go Luisa!

kanewoman - Beautiful, Luisa! You can come serenade the Kanes anytime!

Ken & Jen - Wow!!! After just talking to you Luisa, and telling you I now have three favorite American Idols favorites, I have to change that: I now have FOUR!!!

Sorry, Nate, you didn’t make the cut [in fact, this week you are in danger of being in the bottom three]. Ha, ha . . . just kidding. Your remake of Adam’s remake of Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire was . . . interesting.

Wish you could both come provide us with dinner entertainment!!!

Tacos Don’t Count…

My ‘abuelita’ [darling Grandmother] would be so proud. Last night, to Nate’s amazement, I cooked my first authentic Hispanic meal. To any of you who have seen the ‘Job Switch’ episode of ‘I LOVE LUCY!’ you would understand my feeble attempts to copy my mother’s and grandmother’s skill with Latin cuisine. Ricky doesn’t do too well with his ‘Arroz con Pollo’ [chicken with rice], claiming he’s ‘SEEN’ it done a million times.

I had better luck!!

Having had Latin influence from many different countries, our meal was very diverse. ‘Carne al Jugo’ was my favorite Chilean dish that I encountered on my mission, though most Hispanic countries have something similar. It’s title says it all. Literally translated: Meat to the Juice. It is marinated, slow-roasted meat, served over rice, salads on the side. This happens to be my father’s favorite meal, being from Costa Rica. Few Latin countries use salad dressing, and instead season their fresh vegetables with lemon and salt. From my fathers family, I learned a special technique for making ‘Frijoles’- refried beans. You saute onions, red peppers and tomatoes and add that to your beans. It gives it tons of flavor!

Bernny Vargas M. - The food has a good aspect… but… i would like to see something more latin American… as a “Gallo Pinto” … I expect a photo. …

Greetings. …

Ken & Jen - Hmmmmm! Nate is a lucky man!

While Mom was in Boise, I cooked the last frozen tamale that we made together at Christmas time. I savored every bite!


P.S. One of my top three favorite Lucy episodes!

Planting a Garden, Starts in your Pantry…

Apparently, I haven’t used onions in a while. I looked on the bottom shelf in the back corner of my pantry,
and was surprised to find…

Turns out, I AM planning on participating in a Community Garden! The county donated a vacant lot for this purpose and I’m going to learn the skills from all the pros [my back yard isn't big enough to have my own]. I’M SO EXCITED! Stay tuned for details… or even samples of the goods at the end of the season!

Anyone have any gardening tips???

Sunday Visits!

This Sunday we visited our QUICKLY growing gliders. The approximate date of arrival is MAY 5th, although we’re considering trying to negotiate a sooner release date! The count down is on!
Nate gets up close and personal with Gio!

Gucci, demonstrating his superior arm and leg strength.
The breeder, Marcia, said we were lucky with the tails on our sugar gliders! Usually, their tails are straight.
Gio got too cozy inside my camera case. It took a while to pry him out.

Their fat aunt came out to visit, too. Ha! She’s huge! When she hangs head down, all her fat covers her face!

Belinda - Oh Luisa, they are so cute. That is what you were talking to Paris and I about on the way to church when we visited isn't it? Do you have one yet?

Mandy - WHY OH WHY do I not have you on my blog list?? I found you on Kate’s blog! SO….Trav and I will be there in a month!! I’m so excited to have some friends already in Boise! We need to get together when we get there, so give us a call! We love you guys and can’t wait to see ya!!

Ken & Jen - I am becoming almost as excited as you guys for these new additions to your family. In Nathan’s words, they really are stinkin’ cute!


Friday Night Date…

You know you are an old married couple when your date entails shopping at R.C. Willey and World Market for furniture. We for sure had fun though!! Here are some of our favorite finds for the night!

The biggest Chaise lounge I’ve ever seen in my life!
Nate’s Favorite.
I’m still a little concerned though. We’d have to be REALLY cool to pull off something SO bold.
I like the coffee table though.

We got distracted by the massage chairs… and ended up occupying them for about 1/2 an hour! If the picture is a little fuzzy, it’s because the chair was karate chopping my shoulders, as I was taking this shot.

I couldn’t help playing dress up with all the international props at World Market, the interior decorators paradise! This was my Audrey Hepburn impersonation. See any similarity? I wish. I absolutely adore her!!!

Mike and Ariane - So true…we like to go to Ikea and pretend to play house in their mock room set ups! :-)

Ken & Jen - You know you have settled nicely into domesticity when your Friday Night Date consists of furniture shopping and dreaming of decorating your new house. I can’t tell you how many dates like that Mom and I have enjoyed! We used to have “visitation rights” on certain nice pieces of furniture that we could not afford at the time [some of which we have since adopted].

I like the shape and size of the chaise. Also, Nathan’s lipstick red leather couch is quite the find.

And Luisa, my dear, Audrey has nothing over you!

Janelle - Audrey is my idol! Love love love

Since We Don’t Have Our Own…

Besides our darling sugar gliders, Gio and Gucci, Nate and I have yet to begin our own family. We have vicariously lived the journey of parenthood through our brothers and sisters! What a joy our nieces and nephews have been to us! Each with such light and life in their eyes and each with their own tactic for taking on the world with such vivacious enthusiasm.

We want you to meet them!! So, this post is about these most important children in our lives!!

[Aside from this post, however, please view our sisters' blogs as well, to see a much better depiction of these gorgeous children. Links are to the right].

Have you ever seen such a smile? He is my sister, Shannon’s, oldest child, at age 5. He has a mind of his own, definitely taking after his mother. He is very intelligent and intuitive for a child his age. He is rarely shy, and warms up to most strangers instantaneously, asking as many questions as he can think of to match his “Million-Words-A-Minute” record.
“Why?” is his favorite.


At age 4, she is a little more reserved. Welcoming Cameron’s lead, she is always at his side, taking a more cautious stride to life. But this picture, taken by yours truly, and quite possibly my favorite picture ever [No offense, Nate!], displays her gorgeous head of red hair, to match her fiery Irish personality. Adding defiance and stubbornness to her tenderness, makes her the perfect ‘Sweet & Sour’ mix.


…is her Mom, Kate’s, biggest helper. Being the oldest she cares for her two little brothers like they were her own. While babysitting the other day, I even heard Baby Nate refer to her as ‘Mom.’ As this picture depicts, she is the sweetest thing around. Her greatest talent in life is to adore everything with kindness, including animals, dolls, grandparents and even children with special needs. Her artistic ability is in close second.


… is so enthusiastic about everything! I’ve never seen a child light up like he does. He is so TENDER and sensitive, while still being tough and mischievous! I wish I had his easily excitable nature. Everything presented to Ben in his life is: “WOW!” “COOL!” “YAY!”, with his classic wide eyed, open-mouthed expression. It was said of him: “To know Ben, is to love him.”


While looking totally angelic in this picture, “Happy Feet” here is actually a feisty little guy. He can never stand still, and if he is ‘walking’ somewhere, it’s never a simple ‘walk’. Its a hop, and a skip, with a jump or a heel click at the end. He is athletic and tough, surely the family’s sports star. Lightning McQueen is his best friend.


… is the classic ‘cool big brother’, though never TOO cool. He is so sweet with his little sister and protects and includes her. He NEVER tires, always full of energy, and he is almost too intelligent for his own good. Matt is perfectly well rounded.


Our blonde-hair, blue-eyed buddy here is Matt’s side kick. They are inseparable and get along fabulously. He matches Matt in energy and daring. Although more sensitive, his beats everyone in determination. In the misfortune of a bonked head or a scraped knee, he handles it with a smile.


‘Fearless’ is the first word that pops into my mind when I think of this exuberant 2 year old. She has no trouble keeping up with her older brothers. She has a mind of her own, and I am so excited to see what this “Go Getter’ does with her life. She keeps her parents on their toes.

We absolutely adore them and long to live near them all. They make our lives so much more beautiful than they already are. Stay tuned because two of our sisters, Kate & Brooke, are pregnant!! Can’t wait to add two more girls to our list of NIECES!

“Who are these children coming down, coming down? Like gentle rain through darkened skies, with glory trailing from their feet as they go, and endless promise in their eyes.

Who are these young ones growing tall, growing strong, like silver trees against the storm? They will not bend with the wind or the change, but stand to fight the world alone.

Rising in their might, to win the battle raging in the hearts of men. Strangers from a realm of light, who have forgotten all, the memory of their former life, the purpose of their call.

And so they must learn why they’re here and who they really are.

They must learn why they’re here… and who they are.”

Brooke - You are so sweet. It is fun to see my children through someone else’s eye. Love you!

Ken & Jen - WOW! Wonderful post! It really touched my heart reading of each child’s description. You guys must certainly be in the running for the coolest uncle and aunt ever! Your insight into these amazing little guys is inspiring.

Can’t wait to see the little angels that have been reserved for you and Nate!

Much love,


In Honor of Max…

Our spunky little brother Max is now in the Missionary Training Center learning Italian!! What a guy!! We miss him already. MAX has actually been our inspiration for some new family additions!
My sweet Nate is such an adventurer. It was recently said of him that he is “always looking forward to the new adventure in life,” to which someone replied: “No. Actually, he is the one that loves the adventure in his present.” He takes life on with excitement and becomes a knowledgeable expert to all his hobbies and intrigues. Whether it’s Fishing… Iphones… Skiing… or Long Boarding… he takes it all on with fire in his eyes and a smile on his face!
Our current new adventure and Nate’s latest passion…

Meet Gio and Gucci… our sweet little joey’s! [below]

Yesterday we were able to meet these beautiful exotic animals at the house of a local breeder. Sugar gliders are nocturnal marsupials native to Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania. They receive their names for their preference of sweet foods [Sounds like Nate and I!] and their ability to glide through the air like flying squirrels. They have curly tails, about as long as their bodies and live about 12-15 years. These joey’s [baby gliders] came “out of pouch” about 4 weeks ago and they will be ready to come home with us in about another month. They are twin brothers and when Nate and I were considering names we wanted to have a ‘theme.’ Italian sounds perfect!! Giovanni [Max's cameo character in his homemade movies - 'Gio' for short], the one on the left, is the more animated/hyper one, and Gucci is on the right. He is a little more shy. Both behaved perfectly while being loved and petted by our little niece and nephews, who came with us to witness the adoption! Max now has a nephew named after him: GIO!

“Siamo cosi felici ed eccitati!”

Italian for “We are so happy and excited”!!

Anonymous - hola luisa soy jeny de costa rica yo quiero una mascota como la de ustedes te quiero me gustaria hablar contigo la extraño a ti y a tu hermana . bye my telephone number is 83738292

Mike and Ariane - Wow, that is such an interesting animal. Looks cuter than a ferret or hamster! How big will they get? And will they fly around the house?

Ken & Jen - I’ve been waiting all day for this post as the title showed up earlier on my “following” page. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Mom and I just read it and laughed and ooohhed and aaahhed all the way through it. You two are the cooliest!

I LOVE the names for the sugar gliders! Max will be so proud. They are ADORABLE!!! Can’t wait for family prayer at YOUR place!

Much love,

Dad [and grandfather to Gio and Gucci]

Did you know???

Millions of Americans suffer from a condition known as sleep debt, the effect of not getting enough rest. Prolonged debt causes mental, emotional and physical fatigue. It is unclear why a lack of sleep causes irritability, however, theories are emerging that suggest if the body produces insufficient hormones during deep sleep it can have negative effects on the alertness and emotions of a person during the day.

But I think THESE pictures would explain…

…why I am married to the happiest, most even-tempered, good natured and cheerful guy around!!!

[On the downside: a man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed (WOAH!!) and over three years eating].

Ken & Jen - Luisa: You are a wonder at documenting–and writing about–the nuances that make up our lives. I love visiting your blog! And you have definitely captured a side of Nate that those who know him all love.

You two are the cooliest!



Anonymous - How delightful. It is interesting…when Nathan was a little boy, he wouldn’t go to sleep until everyone in the house was in bed. He was afraid that some fun “action” would be happening that he might miss. Nate has the philosophy that you play hard, work hard and sleep hard. Thanks for sharing!!
Hugs and loves – Mom

Emma and John - It is so good to catch up with you guys- I felt like I haven’t seen you in forever Nate! I loved looking at all of your pictures and seeing what you are up to. I am seriously going to enlist Nate to take our family pictures sometime. Luisa I think the last time we talked was on BYU campus one day…seems like forever ago, doesn’t it? You look great and so happy!
I know moving can be a hassle- I hope all is going well for you guys. I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog. You write so well, Luisa!

Mike and Ariane - Glad you made it…fun post!
We got to hook you up with Mike’s brother’s family, they live in Eagle!

Boise the Beautiful!!

I finally made it!!! And it is absolutely gorgeous up here! Boise is ALL blue skies!
Nate and I woke up yesterday to the sun shining brightly through our window! We literally rolled out of bed, army crawled [for pure laziness' sake] out onto our back patio and enjoyed a morning lounging in the sun in our 59 degree weather!!!
Later in the afternoon, I was feeling a little sorry for my sweetheart since it started to drizzle and he was out knocking. However, the sprinkling was so warm, and the sun was still shining! There appeared the absolutely most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen. You could see it from end to end; the colors were so vibrant and clear; and it was a double rainbow as well, although you can barely see that in my picture.

*Sigh*… what a wonderful life.

Anonymous - It is SO rare to get a complete rainbow! Great shot! 5 days until I can enjoy that beautiful Boise weather!

Loves, Mom

Bernny V. - Beautiful photo !!!


Just one more 8 hour day and I’m home free! I had to have the car completely packed this morning before I came into work at 8. *Sigh* That was exhausting. But to say the least, I managed it with only one minor setback. I was walking to the car for probably the 8Oth time since last night, FOR the last time, with the final items: my heels for work, the keys, my greatly anticipated cup of cereal with the last of the milk, and the toilet bowl brush. I was trying to maneuver into the front seat, attempting to uncover the cup holders so I could put my cup of cereal there for safe keeping. And splash!! Everything was wet. I didn’t even want to know. But, yes. Oh yes. My toilet brush, in it’s accompanying holder had tipped over and had gotten everything drenched with toilet water, including… my heels, my keys, my cereal… my front seat. Everything except for me, by some miracle of the heavens. After a stressful morning, topped with some sleep deprivation, I typically would have had a break down, and just sat down in my puddle of misery, lamenting bitterly my lot in life. But today, I just got a bad case of the giggles. I found a bunch of anti-bacterial bleach wipes in our glove box and the bathroom rug/mat was the easiest thing to pry out from our packed car. I set that on the seat, and drove to work.

After all is said and done… I still ended up with a wet bum.
(The bathroom mat was still wet from my morning shower). : )

K. Elizabeth - Moving is the worst!! Hope you get settles quickly in your house. I’m glad to hear you doing well. You sound so happy. Love ya!

AF - Hi Luisa!
From Costa Rica, your favorite cousin… hmmm…ok…that didn’t come out well since you have so many!!

Alejandra, daughter of Carlos…Oscar’s uncle…

It’s so nice to know from you, specially in such a personal way as you have done this blog.

Congratulations! (late, I know) for your wedding and this new crazy beautiful life you have with Nate…uhm..(nice 2 meet you Nate)

I will be reading your blog frecuently…well,Is the only way to be in touch with you girl!

A big hug for you and your family!

Shannon - ok. ummm, freaking disgusting. this is why I love bleach wipes. good luck with that my love


I keep wondering: “How the heck I’m going to fit ALL this…..”

“…into this?”

Honestly, IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER!!! Because tomorrow I’m on my way to FINALLY be with Nate again!! It’ll be the best day ever! If you don’t hear from me in a while, it’s because we’re still working on getting internet in our new HOUSE! Wish me luck! It’ll be the most suspenseful, anticipated 4 1/2 hour drive till I finally get home.

Ken & Jen - Luisa: You are a packing genius! So glad the two of you are back together!

Much love,


Mike and Ariane - Wow, you fit all that in there! You should sell Tupperware!

Shannon - Despite your toilet bowl incident I have to admire your hard work and packing skills. To a job well done!!!! YAY for you, and your gorgeous new house.

Don’t Mess….

Thanks to our big brother, Jake, we are being incredibly blessed through Nate’s work with a house for the summer!! Upon hearing this good news, Nate and I took to the road and went to Boise to pick out our new summer pad. Immediately, we fell in love with this one, perfect for us in every way! We called the owner to draft up the lease, but to our astonishment, he was meeting with another couple! They were trying to convince him to let them bring their “drop kick mutt” [as Nate affectionately calls them], even though the owner doesn’t normally allow pets. I was irate. To say the least… I fought tooth and nail, and after much bloodshed, turmoil and tribulation, we present to you our soon-to-be HOME! We hope to stay in this house long after the summer and plan on moving in soon!! Nate’s on his way as we speak and I leave in a week!

Boise Beware! Here we come!!


Lakesha - Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brheitgned my day!

Linda Erickson - We are sad that you are leaving Logan so soon! We still haven’t made it to Hardware Ranch! Maybe we will have to come to Boise and see you, since we didn’t do to great when you were in Logan!

Ken & Jen - I LOVE your new home! And it DOES have plenty of room for visitors [BYOB . . . bring your own bed]. Mom may be your first guest, and then we both look forward to a summer visit. WE LOVE BOISE; I think you will too.

Great job on being assertive! Nobody messes with Nate and Luisa!


Anonymous - I’m moving in. See you in a month. hahahahahaha

Photo Shoot Gone Wrong…

As our days in Logan are numbered, we decided to do a quick shoot after Sunday dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Ballards. We love the farm and I’ve taken some strange liking to the cows. Who’da thought, coming from the city girl? However… this shoot proved to be complicated and I was easily distracted. I was NOT the easiest subject that day. Sorry, love!

Help. I’m stuck.
How is it possible to pee so much?

Hang on. Let me spit out my gum.

Come here, Mathilda.

I got WHAT all over me?
To Nate’s everlasting credit and patience, he did manage to get some decent shots. Props, baby! Here are a few. And Shanna, thanks for the great shoes!

See Nate’s Photography site for some more…

Ken & Jen - Very funny! I love getting a peek at the behind the scene antics. You two are too much!

Shannon . . . thanks for sharing the gum story! I can just hear Nate saying that.

And I agree with Josh: that last picture alone was worth the whole shoot!


[I have to type in "hysaplet." Who thinks of these "words"?!]

Josh - That last picture is amazing! That is so cool. What contrast. Nate, you’re a genius.

Shannon - 3 seconds before you walk into your wedding reception

Luisa> "oh my gum!"
Nate> "here hunny, let me take it and swallow youR already been chewed gum, cause it's not gross, WE ARE MARRIED NOW!"

The innocent bystanders> EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Italian Anyone?

Our reaction to our recent encounter with the Italian delicacy, Spaghetti, was somewhat similar to the one displayed above. Having been taught by her Italian father, my mother wisely taught all her children the secret recipe to the most authentic pasta sauce ever! I came into my marriage knowing how to cook just that… and ONLY that. Since pasta is such a quick meal, I decided I would make a triple batch and freeze it all so that we would always have something easy to fix for dinner. After collecting all the ingredients over the course of a few weeks, the big night came. I taught Nate everything he needed to know about Italian sauce and it turned out perfect! Nate baked some bread sticks and exhausted, we settled in to watch a movie while we ate our masterpiece! Knowing that the longer the sauce simmers, the more rich it will become, I left the pots of sauce on low during our movie. However, once we ate that last noodle… our plates hit the floor and our heads hit the pillows… much like that pleasant post-Thanksgiving drowsiness.

Rather groggy and confused, I awoke at 5:30 am. My dreams had been filled with tomatoes, garlic, parsley, oregano and basil. In my dream, the smell had been so real… because it was! We had left the stove on, and now our entire house smelled like the Macaroni Grill. Not too concerned, I went back to sleep after turning the burners off. But as the weeks have gone by, the smell has not dissipated. My purse… my jacket… my hair… my CLOTHES [which had been secured, down stairs, in a closet, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS]…. everything is saturated with the smell from my dreams. No amount of Febreeze can cure it… There is no escape.

Any suggestions?

Janelle - OMG! TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Im so glad your singing again its so beautiful I LOVE IT! The acoustics in the kitchen are phenom… well done my dear well spanking done.

Ken & Jen - I suggest a chardonnay–nonalcoholic, of course, . . . and for dessert I would recommend fresh fruit, perhaps something a little tart, like kiwi.

Ha, ha! Good luck. I agree with Kate: MOVE TO BOISE! [Which I believe is happening as we speak.] The smell will come out as you live in the City of Trees!


The Perkes Family - That is SO funny! For me being prego.. It probably would have ruined any chance of me ever having Spaghetti again. Try leaving the windows open for little spurts at a time. Thats a tricky one though… It reminds me of my best friend growing up, her family had a wood stove, and everything on her always smelled like Bacon.. So it could be worse.. =) Ahh I guess you will just have to move to Boise.

Gracias, Merci, Tak, Grazie, Obrigado…

While Nate was on his little work trip to Dallas, I took on a major undertaking that has been nagging at my conscience for almost exactly 10 months: the “Thank You” cards for our wedding. I was daunted by the feat at hand. But the truth is, with our engagement being little more than 6 weeks long, our wedding was a miracle. We had help from loved ones from all over the states. A visiting relative stated that she was so suprised to see how many people contributed to our big event. We are SO indebted to those who lent us their time, talents and supplies to make our day perfect… and it was. In all reality, collecting addresses, designing and printing the cards, and buying stamps were THE VERY LEAST we could to do express our appreciation. So to ALL of you who graced us with your love and support, even if it was only with your presence, we THANK YOU!

Ken & Jen - You guys are too sweet!

Where is this beautiful place?


The Story of Us!!

Since we were late jumping on the “Blog Bandwagon” we have a lot to catch up on, and before we get too far into 2009, we thought we would give you a run down of the last “couple” years. Though the majority of the pictures were taken before we “birthed” Nate’s baby: the Nikon D300, the pictures speak a thousand words, though not of the best quality. Hold on tight, and welcome to the story of us!

In July of 2007, I returned home from my mission in Santiago, Chile. I was greeted with tears and hugs from my amazing family, as well as a shy niece and nephew. Notice their winning smiles?

It was good to be home, but adjusting was interesting. I got busy immediately working, remodeling our attic and helping the missionaries, which seemed to be a manifestation of denial. I missed my name tag.

I did, however, bump into ELDER HOLLAND at a Young Single Adults conference. He served in Chile as the Area President for three years. When I informed him of my recent return from my mission, he grabbed my face in his hands, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said: “Then you are one of mine.”

I’ve been kissed by a prophet!!!!!

I even picked up my favorite hobby again- Salsa dancing!! Once I had been home for a couple months and my feet adjusted to wearing high heels again, I began teaching Salsa in downtown Boston.

In the meantime…

… Nate was busy saying goodbye to Africa. He was beloved by all who met him. As you can see from the expression of the gentleman in the front, they were not yet ready to let leave one who had served and loved them so selflessly.

He was adored by all African children, charming them with Pez, magic tricks, leaps of seemingly inhuman heights and the natural ability to pick up their native languages.

Cherlin - Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote intmioafrve articles.

Nate ventured where certainly no human has ever been before, and most definitely where no missionary should ever go! His motto: Work hard… play harder.

He developed an eye for art over the course of his mission. Certainly his talent and passion blossomed during this time.

Anyone scared of heights? He certainly was not.

More than a few tears were shed upon his departure.