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    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.

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Graduation Celebrations…

My entire side of the family, the Morales’, all had the opportunity to get together to celebrate the graduation’s of Andrew, my little brother and his darling wife, Danella. We came from far and wide and gathered in UT for the occasion. We began our festivities by going to the temple, enjoying a session there…

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sheri morales - I absolutly love these pix’s. Especially the wonderful news, I love telling the story of that picture. Capturing a a great memory on film is the true magic of photography!!!

WPPI: The Perkes in Vegas…

Having Nate as a professional photographer has MANY perks. Going to the WPPI convention in Las Vegas once a year is DEFINITELY one of those perks. WPPI is Wedding & Portrait Photographers International and is a blast for photographers, and non-photographers alike. This year, Mom & Papa Perkes met us there, and having them there…

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Oscar B. Morales - Wow!!! Nice shoot, I would love to know who took which picture. Also the models were outstanding, the lines, the curves, the wonderful body (body work) the yellow color, the Fernandez family color. What can I say, I love Moose-tangs.

The Grand Canyon Marathon…

I have been imagining this trip for the past 6 months. When I registered to run the Grand Canyon Marathon, Nate and I decided that we were going to make a HUGE trip out of it. With all the energy and enthusiasm that Nate could muster [which is a lot...], he planned a 2 week…

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Belinda Cranor - Oh Luisa, I am so happy that you were able to be supported by Family. You are so wonderful. It was such a blessing to see you on the way back from Las Vegas. Thanks for meeting us. I have been waiting to see the pictures and they are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to blog it all. I miss you and Nate and Jace. Hope you guys have been having a wonderful Holiday season. Hope to see you soon.
I love you!

Kelley - Oh my gosh, Luisa! Congratulations!!!!!! I’ve been dying to read this post! So happy for you! I am in love with all of your photos from the trip too! Just gorgeous!

Kathryn - Congratulations Luisa! You are amazing! I love your finish line pictures. Such raw emotion made me tear up. All your pictures are beautiful!

Treasure Mercurio - I am proud of you. Love from family, friends,and Heavenly Father will accomplish all things. You are wonderful and am thankful I have known you since you were a little girl from our ward. I am thankfull that you have shared this with us. Great pictures and great writing. Helped to make me feel like I was there cheering you on. You have been given many gifts from our Father more preious then gold and you have opened your gifts and haved used them well! Congradulation for being a winner!!!!! Love you.

It’s Time I’ve Told…

Just about everyone has a Bucket List, right? At least an unofficial one? On my Bucket List are two very important things to me. One is to see the Grand Canyon someday, and the other is to run a marathon. As my luck would have it, The Grand Canyon itself actually hosts a marathon every…

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Kelley - Good luck! You will ROCK that race! I bet it’s going to be a great course! So excited for you!!!!


… One of our Favorite Places on Earth. Nate and I believe that we could actually live there – population 2,000 and about 90 miles North of Boise, which would be the closest civilization. Coming from Massachusetts, I never imagined that I could actually become a small town girl, but McCall makes me think that…

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Kelley - Oh my gosh, those photos are just amazing! The cabin, the lake! If that doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does. Life’s simple pleasures. Jace is just SO cute! He’s getting big! Nate cracks me up too. And you look amazing, as usual. Great pictures! :)

Kathryn - I love the country too! Looks like a beautiful place. Jace is just so cute!! I love the bright blue eyes.

To Mackay, Stanley & Home Again…

Who’d have thought that there was so much to see in little ol’ Idaho?? But low and behold, Nate’s work has brought us to another gorgeous part of our state. I’d heard of Stanley before… I heard GORGEOUS lakes, mountains, parks, rivers, canyons… but I’d never heard of Mackay, a little town past Stanley. It…

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Oscar B.Morales - Hello Guys!!!!

Love the pictures, after seeing the little cacorrito, of course the last picture, the one of the “reflection” on the lake is just stunning.

Great work, but none compares to my Little Jace.


Pappa Daddy

Leanne - so yeah. you guys are so cute! holy blonde luisa. Before you mentioned it, i thought, ” how is this kid not brown? ” so funny. he is such a chunk and yes, i just wanna squeeze on those legs!!!!! he is getting cuter and cuter!!!! oh, i wish i could meet him!!! you look amazing as usual. love you woman!! MISS YOU TONS!!

Annual Perkes Family Reunion…

… The Denver Series!! Last year we hosted the Annual Perkes Family Reunion here in Idaho. We spent a day down here in Boise but mostly we were up in McCall. Nate and I arrived a day early to Denver in order to photograph Nate’s oldest brother, Josh and his BEAUTIFUL family. They had chosen…

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Josh Perkes - Luisa and Nate,

I loved this post! You captured everything so beautifully and I’m really glad you didn’t say anything about Nate beating me in chess. :)

Love you guys!


Jen Perkes - Luisa,
You have so beautifully captured our week! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was such a blessing to be with everyone as we got caught up on our lives, laughed, ate, played games and competitions, and had wild adventures. My favorite thing was sitting back and observing how much our sons and daughters and amazing grandchildren truly love each other and enjoy just being together. My joy is full!!
Hugs and luvs,
; )

Bean Town = Home Sweet Home…

There’s nothing like returning to the home that bore my childhood. My birthday’s, 3-17, were all celebrated in the same kitchen, in the same house, on the same street… on ‘Day Street’ actually, where the sun never sets… #9 . It makes me happy that I have a niece and a nephew that are growing…

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Danella - Awww… this makes me miss you guys!!! :) :) :)

Oscar B. Morales - Hello Luisa, Jace and Nate,
Great Pictures!!!
Thank you for capturing the great times that you had in Boston. I love how we always end up eating no matter what we do and that we are so diverse in the foods that we eat, as I’ve said before, eating together is the universal language, everywhere on this world.
But, I love this country, where we have so much freedom and enjoy everything that is good; Food, sports, food again, beautiful boats, some more food, Red Sox Nations, hot dogs, Quincy Market, cannolo (plural for cannoli), family, did I mention food, to worship as we want and to bless our homes and family.

Maui Wowee!!!

To say the least, this post has been a VERY long time in coming. It’s amazing how one trip can mess up the beautiful little routines that we had going on at our house. Jace would sleep about 12 hours every night and parenting seemed to be sort of easy. Our little vacay to Hawaii…

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Brit - That’s awesome!!!! What a fun trip! Kyle & decided that one day soon we need to take some travel time with you two!

Kelley - Those pictures are stunning. You guys all look great! I think it’s great you’re instilling the travel bug in Jace so early. :) Lots to come, I’m sure. =)

Shalse - oh i love your blog luisa!!! it’s beautiful! hawaii was amazing and i am so happy that we got to meet you guys and that handsome jace! keep in touch!!! xoxo ;-)

Pops - Mom and I have LOVED your Hawaii photos. Of course, my personal favorites usually include Jace. The swim lesson was adorable! He looked a little CONCERNED!

Always good to see the Adventure Family on the go!

Feliz Navidad de Mexico!

I’m not sure if life gets any better than this, and I’m also not sure if we will ever have a year like 2010. It seems like we began the year with adventures and that we have ‘adventured’ our entire way through until the end. Our most recent travels brought us to Mexico for another…

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Brit - You two are the funnest (that IS a word in my vocabulary!) EVER!!!! That sounds like so fun, so fabulous!!!!!

Ken and Jen Perkes - You are truly the ADVENTURE FAMILY!!! By the way, what is the guy carrying on his shoulder in the alien statue photo? A dog? a monkey?

In any case, I LOVED seeing and hearing about this amazing get-away! It really has been the most amazing year for you guys! And 2011 is looking pretty good too!

Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying: "I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works." As talented as your work has been this past year . . . it is your life that shows your genius!

Well done!


Home is Wherever I’m With You…

About six months ago I had entitled one of my posts “The Perks of Being Married to a Photographer“, and I feel like today’s post should just be a repeat; or maybe I should just call it “The Perks of Being Married to a Perkes”, and not just any ‘Perkes’…. NATE Perkes. He has, yet…

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Anonymous - Loooooove it!!!!! It was like a tv video journey and soooo special to watch!!! Like you can see your relationship and the partnership, togetherness you both share….and that song fits! Luisa!!! I cried when I read what you wrote xoxoxoxo I miss you both!!!! Love, Nicole! we just loved the video!!!

Pappa Perkes - I agree with Kate! The first part of the video, before you get to Animoto, is the best stuff you have done. YOU ARE A VIDEOGRAPHER!!! And the first time I heard the song choice I thought it was odd, but because I have now watched this fun video several times, I am loving the song . . . and humming it in my mind! Very cool!

And sorry to all the Perkes ladies, the weird face pulling trait may have been a genetic defect passed on from Pops!

Kate Perkes - Guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!! Nate… I am yet to see you take a serious picture.. why does this trait run in the perkes boy family. I swear you all do it!! HAHA… This is my favorite video by far! Love the live and still images combined.. SO MUCH FUN!!.. Makes me want to do more video.

Nate funny funny song choice!! haha… but it actually works!

Love You Two!

Our Family - Amazing! It's no aruba but wish we could have you guys do our family pics here in dallas :)

Kelley - This was so awesome!!!!! Love the video. You two are SO cute!

A New Addition to My Family…

So, I’m lucky enough to already have an older sister and a younger sister. I only have little brothers, but we got that taken care of when Nate and I got married. Now I have like… 3 older brothers. One of my “little” brothers, Andrew, recently got married, and I was just pondering the other…

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Danella and Andrew Morales - You are so sweet!!! I haven't checked your blogged for about 2 weeks and I didn't know about this!!! You really made my eyes teary :') I am so happy to be a Morales and so happy to have older sisters now!!! I am the oldest of my fam, so i didnt know how it feels like to have an older sister =D now i do!
Thanks Luisa! I love you!!!

Not Disney…. Thendara!!

It may not be an amusement park. There aren’t any rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse does not frequent. Even though my parents were kind enough and sacrificed enough to assure their children DID have the opportunity to see Disney World, the place where MY childhood dreams came true was NOT in Cali and most definitely not…

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Pat Jackman Kellogg - I stayed with the Shirley and Alan Clark family and took care of Greg and Marg,) all those years ago. They owned the Vergennes Inn so spent most of the time in Vergennes and the kids and I stayed at the lake. The Clark”s lived next door to our family in Vergennes. They had a camp next door to Thendara and were part of the family that owned Thendara.
Rodney, Mrs. Cowap had owned Thendara.
It was a beautiful property!
Pat Jackman Kellogg

Jane Belle Clark - I was so happy to come across your blog. My grandparents, John and Belle Clark owned Thendara in the late 1940′s and 1950′s. My Grandma Belle sold it in about 1959. I have so many fond memories of summers at that house.
At one time there was a butler’s cottage and a tennis court. During my grandparents era, the house was pretty much furnished as it was when the original owners had it. There was an interesting collection of primitives in the living room.
Someone even wrote a book with Thendara as the backdrop.
My grandparents had 15 grandchildren and the house was magic for all of us.
I am so glad that the special experience of Thendara lives on.

Thanks again for posting about it.

Jane Belle Clark Lituczy

Debbie Bushey - So beautifully written and lovely photo’s of your family. One thing I’ll never forget about Thendara it’s grand size as once I cleaned it for Elizabeth before her spring arrival. I thought I’d never get out of there but finally I did. Amazing place!

Thanks for sharing!
Debbie Bushey

Joe Carman - I can’t believe I stumbled across this! Our best family friends own Thendara. We stayed there a few summers ago and we might go again this year. Awesome pictures you guys, looks like you had fun!

Rodney Smith - I am almost certain you reference the same Thendara I remember so fondly as a young boy. I believe my Father’s great aunt Agnes Cowap owned Thendara at the time (late 50′s early ’60′s) and we spent several summer weeks there. My two brother’s and I would spend endless hours down at the lake fishing or swimming off the stone dock and boating. I remember Dad painting the porch.

DO you have any more photos of Thendara?

Kat and Andy Bartholomew - Such great pictures of your wonderful family.

Ken and Jen Perkes - Luisa: I love the way you write; I love your passion; I love your love for the people in your life; and I now love Thendara. Somehow, I think there is a book inside you, and perhaps Thendara will be a prominent "character."

In any case, thanks for your beautiful sharing of this magical place from your childhood!


Live It Up! – Summer of 2010…

I can’t even believe that the summer is over… *sigh*. I love the sun and the heat, and BBQ’s and having a tan, and gardening and boating and watermelon. I could digress endlessly. I’ve actually been pestering Nate a little about moving to a place with perpetual summers: Arizona, St. George, Southern California… but no….

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Johna658 - This actually answered my drawback, thank you! fgfdckeedcfe

Bree - Luisa!! I love your hat in those pictures…where did you get it?? I want one!! :)

Nate Perkes - Hello Darling!

Love the post! Thanks so much for keeping track of our CRAZY but fun lives. You're the best. ; )

Fam Reunion x 2!!

The only thing missing was Max, our little brother on a mission in Italy. Mom & Dad Perkes went to above and beyond measures to put together the most wonderful week of family adventure ever. We ate AMAZING foods. We explored. We laughed… a lot. We even had many the spiritual experience. Featured here is…

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Annual Perkes Family Reunion… » Nate & Luisa - [...] Perkes family reunion here in Idaho. We spent a day down here in Boise but mostly we were up in McCall. Nate and I arrived a day early to Denver in order to photograph Nate’s oldest brother, Josh [...]

Jeralyn - Luisa, You are so darling. Really. Sooo darling! I don't connect with you enough. I need to repent. I will call you more & you answer more, k?! :) You are the absolute sweetest as you articulate your blog… It is always so well said. Everything. Seriously. And of course, I adore how you adore Jack. He is the most incredible little man. I am amazed that I get to be his Mom. I SSSOOO love you guys & I don't tell you enough. So, I LOVE YOU GUYS :) Can't wait till we get to see you again…

kevin. Leanne. Beckum. - Hello beautiful! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I have missed you a lot lately!!!! You look so beautiful in all your pictures, and I hope you know i just adore you. Take care. Miss you!!!!

Kathryn - Hey Luisa!! It's your old Glenwood roommate! You and your husband are SO cute! Your pictures are amazing. Looks like lots of fun. You can keep up with my crazy family at

Bree - What a BLAST!!! You really married into a COOL family!! Hope you're doing great! :)

Ken and Jen Perkes - Luisa: You always do such a great job chronicling our adventures; I always love living it again through your eyes. Thanks for this beautiful post. It was fun, wasn't it?!

By the way, I love the curling toes! FUNNY!


Music Video of Costa Rica

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Vilma - Amo a mi país, y en ese video se muy lindo,es cierto que es el más lindo del mundo ¡felicidades y gracias por enseñarnos el video!
PURA VIDA…con cariño Vilma

Buckley - You continually amaze me with your talent. I love the multiple pieces where it looks like a picture and than it breaks into a video, and it works so flawlessly with it being HD. Also a great compilation of music. How fun!

Brittany Cooper - WOW it looks like such an incredible amazing time!!!!! I love, LOVE the trees!!

Ken and Jen Perkes - ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, it is my favorite video you have created [a pretty high standard!]. You have so beautifully documented your adventure, the joy, and even the peril. I LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us so generously.

You two always make me smile, and frequently laugh! What a delight to know and love you.

Much love,


Bree - WOW!!! What an amazing trip!! I won't even pretend I'm not jealous…cuz I am!!!! ;) Gorgeous pictures!!
p.s. Luisa did you get a new #? I texted you the other day…

The Perks of Being Married to a Photographer…

LONG STORY SHORT: Nate got a photography gig from a company taking their top sales reps to Costa Rica. Since my Dad is from there and since its the most beautiful place on earth, we quickly worked a plane ticket for me into our budget. I joined Nate in the very Northwestern corner of the…

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The Perkes Family - Very cool you guys! Nate the photos are awesome, love the one with the boat, and the sun peaking through the trees. Glad your home safe, sounds like more adventures are to come, can't wait to see whats next in store. LOVES!

Ken and Jen Perkes - Luisa, you and Nate are the ultimate ADVENTURE FAMILY!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog post; it was so fun to "go with you" on this amazing journey. And thank you for being such a perfect companion to our "little" wanderer! It will be fun to see where your talents next take you! [Africa? the Greek Islands? . . . perhaps someplace with fewer bugs!]