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    ... THE PERKES. We still consider ourselves newlyweds [we've been married for almost 5 years]. Our firstborn, Jace, is now 2 years old, and became a big brother when Sofia Rain joined our family in November 2012. We are from the East Coast [Luisa is from MA and Nate is from NH]. We are Bronco's Fans [We've lived in the Boise area for almost 5 years]. We are travelers. We are athletes and we are dancers. We are enthusiastic about food. We are spontaneous. We are addicted to the sun. We are in love.

    Most importantly... we are HAPPY. We are the Perkes.

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Breakfast is the best time to take pictures of Jace. Not only is he literally strapped into one location, but he is pleasantly distracted by things delicious. Nate also took this opportunity to teach me lots about a photo technique called rim lighting. This situation was MUCH less stressful than trying to learn this with…

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Jones sabo while people around the globe sell away - I was reading some of your posts on this site and I believe this site is rattling informative! Retain posting. Jones sabo while people around the globe sell away

Long time, No Nothin’…

It’s really not that our lives have become less interesting, because they haven’t. Or maybe they have and I’m just in denial. I’ve missed my old friend, “the blog”. I’m sure Nate hasn’t really missed me obsessing over the what, where, when’s, why’s and how’s of posting. But I sure have missed the obsession. January…

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The Nesting Syndrome… » Nate & Luisa - [...] after my house was ‘in order’, I started just MAKING stuff. Now, Nate got me a sewing machine for Valentines Day last year [YAY!!] and I am SO proud to say that I have put that baby to good [...]

Kat and Andy Bartholomew - Cute post!

ericnashlea - Ok so I peaked…that little dress is beautiful…I coulnd't help but wonder :)

I texted you the measurements. Hopefully I sent my text to the right number this time.

You are truly amazing. i love and miss you.

Linda - Hey Luisa! Today is Dolan's birthday and his all-time favorite treat is oreos, so I just finished making the Oreo balls to surprise him when he gets home! They are delish!!! Thanks for sharing.

Bree - Good job Luisa!! I've been trying to improve my sewing skills lately too!! Thanks for that recipe–those sound/look soooo yummy!!!

Aimee - I'm totally jealous! I just told Dane that the next big purchase I'd like would be a sewing machine! I'm impressed with that dress you made. My skills include sewing two pieces of cloth together… That's it! :)

Pappa Perkes - Luisa:

LOVE the blog; totally understand the sabbatical–we're in one too! Great dress. Can't wait to see Brooke in it.

And Nate's talent for flipping crepes behind his back is HILARIOUS!

Always love a peek into your fun lives!

Hugs and love,